sábado, 14 de abril de 2018

Mac Os X

Hi. To instal on a Mac the Mac Os X, it is my belief that it is better to leave some free unpartitioned space in the disk. Who gave me that suggestion was a Professor of hardware I had in 2009, Prof. João Santos, in Citeforma school here in Lisbon, when we were in class, all the students. Prof. João Santos, as he told us, had a Master degree in Artificial Inteligence. So, in this article that is below, it shows how to partition the Mac hard drive when installing Mac Os X. My iMac now has got a 320Gb hard drive. I got Mac Os X in a 150Gb partition, I got a 50Gb backups partition, and I got 80Gb free disk space. On Windows it is not complicated when installing the OS. You can , when installing Windows, create a partition for the Operating System, and after Windows is installed, create additional partitions in the free space, and also leave free unpartitioned space in the hard drive. After Windows is installed, that is done using the "create and format disk partitions". If you type that in Windows 7 or later search, it will show, I guess. For an external hard drive, I have tried to partition an external hard drive in Mac Os X, but it wouldn't let me format it in "Mac Os Extended Journaled" format. Just "Ms-Dos (Fat)" file system. And, in this way, the hard drive doesn't accept files larger than about 4Gb. If a file is bigger, the hard drive doesn't let you copy. To arrange this, I formatted the hard drive in Windows, a 1Tb external hard drive, with 4 250Gb partitions, one with free space, and in Windows I formatted the 3 partitions in Ntfs. Then, I plugged the hard drive on the Mac and I formatted again each partition in what I wanted which was the "Mac Os Extended (Journaled)". This way the external hard drive accepts all sizes of files. And it is in Mac format, so the Mac recognises the files. If it were Ntfs, the Windows files type, the Mac wouldn't recognise it. So, here it is. That's a point of view. 
One possibility to fix your Mac errors, and prevent future errors, is leave the Mac for some time with the hard drive empty. That is done when installing the Mac Os X, you create only one partition, with free space. Then you shut down your computer. It's as simple as that. That way the Mac will be absolutely empty, and to use it, you will need to instal Mac Os X again. The hard drive of a Mac is normally magnetic. So, this way, with the hard drive empty, the magnetism of the hard drive will dissipate slowly. You can leave it that way hours, days or one week or so.
Thanks for listening :)


terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2018

Earth ground connection :)

Hi. Have you tried connecting yourself to the ground electricity plug, or contact?.. Works pretty well. The normal (1 phase) electricity home plugs with ground has got 3 contacts. The neutral, the phase, and the ground. The phase contact, usually the black wire is deadly if touched. 220v or 110v would definitely or kill you or shake you pretty well. The neutral contact doesn't harm. But the ground contact is the key. I am almost sure that every home has got a least one plug with ground contact. Being it a small house (T1) or a big house. The ground contact can, through a metallic wire. be connected to everything you want with no harm whatever so. To the bars of the balcony of the apartment. To the metal windows. Even to the mass of your laptop usb plugs, with a Usb cable. In this case it connects the mass of the laptop to the Earth ground. Which can be useful since a laptop doesn't have a ground contact. On the contrary of a Pc or iMac. This could be very interesting in fixing laptop errors. See, every computer when it doesn't have any memory (Ram) emits a intermittent beep. On a Pc it usually does so. Or on a iMac. But on a laptop it usually don't. I've noticed it. But it should. So, I try to connect my laptop without memories to the Earth ground through the Usb mass contact, with a Usb cable connected to the laptop Usb port. This, in someway could someday fix your laptop. And it would really beep without the memories (Ram) when turned on. Hope this helps. Thanks :)

quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2018

Recycle the vegetable waste

Hi. When you clean the forests there is a lot of vegetable waste that is picked up. By composting, you can make very very good natural fertiliser. Don't use non-natural fertiliser, or what will grow will be bad. Use natural fertiliser, and things will go well. For the fruit, it may not be the best looking, shinning fruit, but it will be very tasty and very healthy. Very good. So, to not have fires in the summer, you must clean the lands. Pick up all vegetable waste so it doesn't catch fire when it's the hottest in the summer. Recycle it by composting. It's surely very worthy in terms of money, and very valuable. There may be a immense need for good natural fertiliser in the world. Thanks :)

A house sewing system

Hi. A house. An apartment. With one Wc, it's got 2 sink tubings to the central sewer that after it's recycled, in the main sewers station. One in the Wc and another in the kitchen sink (plus one for the dishes and laundry machines). If it's got 2 Wc, it's got 3 sewers tubings, and so on. See, a house, but especially a building has got like all these underground floors. If the building has a garage, or several levels of garages, that is pretty clear. But, if a building hasn't got garage levels, it's surely got many levels of underground. It's from the construction itself. This is really true, see. A house has surely got an underground construction, even if it doesn't got a basement. And, see this, if the house or building is connected to the central sewing system, it's got (probably) what is called a sewing box just in the house or building construction. It could be sort of a sewers control system that can stop working if the garbage accumulates. So, to keep your house or apartment sewing system in a good shape, you got to think, in the case of an apartment, in the whole building sewing system. And you got to keep pouring detergent into all the apartment (or house) sewing tubings, which you got to identify. Those sort of sewing boxes that I talk about have to be completely free of any garbage. So you can even feel the air coming into the house through the sewing system. Think about it. This sewers problem could be a world problem. Sewers that don't work properly, are from the building itself responsibility, since it's private space, and the main sewers are public responsibility. And a building that could last a real long time, and the apartments be in good condition, things wouldn't turn out ok. It's the apartment owner responsibility to keep his building sewers in good condition, I guess.
Thanks :)

terça-feira, 27 de março de 2018

The Brexit and the UK

Hi. About the Brexit and the UK leaving the EU. What was the problem if you remember?.. The migrants quota. That was it. The UK refused the, supposed, migrants quota, and then changes were made in the sense of the UK leaving the EU, only, and only, because they would never accept no (whatever none) migrants quota. The EU could eventually make an exception for the UK regarding the migrants quota. But that would be a blast for some countries public opinion. And just one note more. Ireland. Is there a migrant quota for Ireland too?.. I wonder.. Think about it. Thanks.

sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2018

Perfect room, or house :)

Hi. For a house, an apartment, or a room, for humidity and sound isolation, to keep that place really cool, one idea is to cover the walls (and maybe the ceiling..) with cork plaques. There are two kinds of cork. Or with a lighter color, and another with a darker color. The one with the lighter color is brown, regular brown. The one with the darker color is almost black. It's cork, made with the cork oak bark. It's a Portuguese production, since there are many cork oaks here, mostly in the south. The cork is a natural really great humidity and sound isolation material. There is for sale, even online, here in Lisbon much of that in the big hardware stores, like Leroy Merlin, or Aki and so. These cork plaques that are sold are usually for covering the floor, used as a pavement. But they can be used for just about anything. And I think they're not expensive at all. And, please see this, the cork plaques can't be fixed in the walls with glue. That way it wouldn't even last no time. They have to be fixed to the walls with screws, on the walls, and maybe on the ceiling. Those plaques that are sold here in Lisbon, for covering pavements (on the floor) are squares of about 40x40cm. And it isolates from cold, and heat, during summer. Perfect, isn't it?.. And natural. If you can, and want, you can after that, after covering the walls with double cork plaques, one black, and on top another brown, cover the walls (and maybe ceiling) with wood (real wood) thin plaques. And varnish it. It would be so cool, wouldn't it?.. A perfect place. Or a perfect room. Hope you like it. Thanks :)

quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2018


Hi. Missiles with some tons of sea salt to the Moon. And also to the planet Mars, in our solar system. It could be "terraforming". Anyway, it's just an idea. There may be not any salt neither in the Moon, neither in Mars. Thanks :)