sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2018

Perfect room, or house :)

Hi. For a house, an apartment, or a room, for humidity and sound isolation, to keep that place really cool, one idea is to cover the walls (and maybe the ceiling..) with cork plaques. There are two kinds of cork. Or with a lighter color, and another with a darker color. The one with the lighter color is brown, regular brown. The one with the darker color is almost black. It's cork, made with the cork oak bark. It's a Portuguese production, since there are many cork oaks here, mostly in the south. The cork is a natural really great humidity and sound isolation material. There is for sale, even online, here in Lisbon much of that in the big hardware stores, like Leroy Merlin, or Aki and so. These cork plaques that are sold are usually for covering the floor, used as a pavement. But they can be used for just about anything. And I think they're not expensive at all. And, please see this, the cork plaques can't be fixed in the walls with glue. That way it wouldn't even last no time. They have to be fixed to the walls with screws, on the walls, and maybe on the ceiling. Those plaques that are sold here in Lisbon, for covering pavements (on the floor) are squares of about 40x40cm. And it isolates from cold, and heat, during summer. Perfect, isn't it?.. And natural. If you can, and want, you can after that, after covering the walls with double cork plaques, one black, and on top another brown, cover the walls (and maybe ceiling) with wood (real wood) thin plaques. And varnish it. It would be so cool, wouldn't it?.. A perfect place. Or a perfect room. Hope you like it. Thanks :)

terça-feira, 13 de março de 2018

My signature falsified

To falsify a signature, it's not an easy thing to do nowadays. I think it can only be done with a money printing plaque, probably made of platinum. Which is used to print paper money. If my father told my sister Margarida Alves how to falsify a signature, my father before he died should have in his possession such a plaque stolen form the Lisbon Casa da Moeda, which is where the paper money is printed here in Portugal. In Lisbon. I have made a little research on the Internet and I think that who was the Director of the Lisbon Casa da Moeda in the year of 1991 was a woman named Maria Luisa Leitão do Vale. My father could have acquaintance with this woman and I am going to try to explain myself, what I feel. My father was not faithful to my mother. He never was. So, while in the early 1960's he was in Ceylan. And I think he had a diplomat colleague who's family name was Grainha do Vale. My mother once told that my father when he was young beat up a friend. My mother told me that he beat him up really bad. My father knew some boxing, and I was very afraid of him when I was very young. In a perspective of things (and please see that this is only a perspective of things) my father could have been involved sexually with his diplomat colleague's wife. Who could be, or have been, Mrs. Maria Luisa Leitão do Vale. Who could have got his husband last name., Vale. And if my father 30 years before he died was really sexually involved with this woman, they should have been very close, very intimate. So, in order to steal a money paper printing plaque, he could have tried (and succeeded) in convincing this woman who was the Director of the Casa da Moeda in stealing for him such a plaque. Certainly for a very very large amount of money, which my father could have in his possession. And that plaque would be used to falsify signatures. Two signatures. One for each side of the rectangular plaque. And a signature falsified that way would be never discovered. This is really what I think. I also believe that as my father falsified his own signature, and my sisters Alexandra Alves and Margarida Alves kept that plaque in their possession. And that they also, on the other side of the plaque falsified a signature that is today being used to falsify my name. It's not a signature of mine, but it is the signature of someone that is used to sign on my behalf, without my consent obviously. I am almost 100% sure it's not any signature of mine, because I never signed any such plaque, but it is the signature of someone who agreed to sign his/her name on that plaque. And that is being used to sign documents on my behalf. I have never seen or heard anything about this, except what my mother told me. Recently we received here at home a cheque of 230€ on my father's name. My sister Alexandra Alves managed to deposit that cheque on my mother's bank account very easily, without my consent. So, it is obvious to me that my signature is being falsified. I am so sure about this. The instant my sister deposited that cheque I called the bank and they told me I should contact a lawyer, in Caixa Geral de Depositos, in Portugal. Nothing more. If my signature was ever falsified I will pursue the protection of the law and act against the criminals in all the extent of the law.

quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2018


Hi. Missiles with some tons of sea salt to the Moon. And also to the planet Mars, in our solar system. It could be "terraforming". Anyway, it's just an idea. There may be not any salt neither in the Moon, neither in Mars. Thanks :)

Social Security problem here at home

Hi. Here in Portugal we have a very particular kind of social security system. But anyway it ends up working. It's hard, but things usually work out- So, if you kind of work in another person's house, and if the person that employs you doesn't make a contract with you, and doesn't take care of your interests, that's a problem. But it can be worked out. In that case you are on your own. You got to reach to the State (the Government) and insure that your work is legal. You got to tell to the State, to the Finances System that you are working at this person's place, and at the same time you got to tell the State also, to the Social Security, that you are also working at this person's place. Your work has to be declared, to the Portuguese State, so that the State is aware and you have your interests protected, and you can someday have a retirement. You are going to have to pay taxes to the Social Security, depending on how much you earn, and it (I think) has to be done each month. And, this is very important, you have to have an working insurance. It's essential. If the person that employs you doesn't guarantee you all this, you are on your own, and you have to reach to the State so you have this guaranteed. Thank you :)

terça-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2018

Crazy portuguese thing

Hi.On the day before New Year's Eve at about 4H00 PM, I contacted this Lisbon company through the phone. This man answers the phone. I told him that I needed this electrician repair. What I told the man who answered the phone was that I needed a  ground connection on a plug that is near the owen, on my kitchen. I clearly told that man that I alone could not open holes in the tiles on the wall, and that what I needed was a wire all the way from the refrigerator (that has a ground connection) to the plug near the owen. I asked him the price for the job. He says that to go our house in Lisbon that was gonna cost 35€, at least. And that for the work in itself the technicians would say when they come. And!.. He said that the technicians had a bank card machine so I could pay with the bank card. Cause I told him that I only had 100€ in money at the house. Maybe 45 minutes later the technicians come. Two of them. They enter. I told them that I just needed a wire from the refrigerator to the owen plug. Thay start laughing. They said that they were gonna "inject" the ground signal to the house plugs on the electricity panel where are the circuit breakers. I said ok. Wrong move. They shut down the electicity and they did it in maybe 10 minutes. Just that.  Then they called and asked me to check the electricity on the house. All was just ok. Than I asked for the bill, what I had to pay: 330€. And to pay at that instant. See this, I got 100€ in money at the house. My mom's bank account got 140€. Not enough. I called at that precise instant my sister and I asked her to transfer 90€ to my mom's account, and when it was done, that she called me back. She calls me, I pay. I payed 100€ in Money, plus one bank transfer of 140€ and plus another  bank transfer of 90€. All 330€. They got a really big smile on their faces and they left my house. This was it. Nice hey?.. Really Portuguese style. They give me a little paper and they say that were gonna send the receipt with Vat number through the mail. That was it. I made just a little complaint to the Goverment through a site that there is here to the consumer's disputes, or complaints... If I want, I can always make an oficial complaint to the Courts of Justice. But to do that I would need a oficial lawyer. Not a private one. And!.. For that I would need to go to the Social Security (in Portugal) and make na oficial request. My mom says no way. That there is absolutely no need for that. To myself, ok. But!.. The Lisbon Social Security centres are just absolutely overcrowded. It opens at 8H30 AM. If you want a ticket to get in the waiting line, you just gotta go there at about 7H00 AM the  very least. Cause at 9H00 AM there are no more tickets for the waiting line for nobody. The last time I went there, to the Social Security, I got there at 8H15 AM, I got maybe hundreds of people ahead of me in a waiting line just to get a ticket. I really got a ticket, but they only talked to me at 5H15 PM. I waited there all day long. Nice. Really nice. Thanks.

Crazy portuguese site

Hi. Tuesday 19th December 2017, I bought here in Lisbon 2 tickets (I paid 53.69€) to a show that there is gonna be here next March 2018. The show is called "Velocidade Furiosa ao Vivo" and it's an American tour live, of the cars of the film "Fast and Furious". But, yesterday 20th early in the morning I tried to access their online form to ask that my purchase would be cancelled. The tickets site for the show is . It's surelly a portuguese company. The site form didn't work. I tried to contact them through email but the reply was that I should contact them through the site, which doesn't work. My complaint to Paypal , which they replied, was that they never would do anything (much less return my money) and that I should contact the company which sold me the tickets. I contacted this company Blueticket and the reply was that tickets are non-refundable or I will just to have to take them to The Courts of Justice. I will loose the two tickets money. Isn't it a scandal?.. he he.. BTW, their Paypal email address: !.. Boom!.. He he he... And watchout!.. Tickets are non-refundable, from Paypal contact himself!.. He he he... Thanks. And!.. The multimédia company that does the Blueticket site maintenance is called Innovangency. The site link is below. <- Boom!..  <-  Boom!.. <- Worten?.. Like The Worten store here in Lisbon?.. Boom!..

Blueticket site hosted in Portugal at:

The next day I purchased the tickets, when I noticed the Blueticket site didn't work I made an official complaint to the EU Online Dispute Resolution. They notified me saying that the seler of the tickets refused to cancel the purchase. And in the EU site they said I could contact a lawyer and they sent me a list of many lawyers from different countries of the European Union. I contacted the Portuguese lawyer. I received a reply from Dr. Inês Madaleno with two Portuguese Government agencies that I could contact.

One is:

CACCL-Centro de Artbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo

I contacted this center and I received no reply.

The other one is:

European Consumer Centre-Portugal

From this one I did receive a reply, but it was just saying that this agency did only take care of problems between different EU states. If it was in our own EU contry, they could do nothing.