terça-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2018

Crazy portuguese site

Hi. Tuesday 19th December 2017, I bought here in Lisbon 2 tickets (I paid 53.69€) to a show that there is gonna be here next March 2018. The show is called "Velocidade Furiosa ao Vivo" and it's an American tour live, of the cars of the film "Fast and Furious". But, yesterday 20th early in the morning I tried to access their online form to ask that my purchase would be cancelled. The tickets site for the show is http://www.blueticket.pt . It's surelly a portuguese company. The site form didn't work. I tried to contact them through email but the reply was that I should contact them through the site, which doesn't work. My complaint to Paypal , which they replied, was that they never would do anything (much less return my money) and that I should contact the company which sold me the tickets. I contacted this company Blueticket and the reply was that tickets are non-refundable or I will just to have to take them to The Courts of Justice. I will loose the two tickets money. Isn't it a scandal?.. he he.. BTW, their Paypal email address: info@blueticket.pt !.. Boom!.. He he he... And watchout!.. Tickets are non-refundable, from Paypal contact himself!.. He he he... Thanks. And!.. The multimédia company that does the Blueticket site maintenance is called Innovangency. The site link is below.

https://www.facebook.com/blueticketbilhetes/ <- Boom!..

https://twitter.com/blueticketpt?lang=en  <-  Boom!..

http://worten2.byblueticket.pt/Purchase.aspx?revt=1&E=3431 <- Worten?.. Like The Worten store here in Lisbon?.. Boom!..




Blueticket site hosted in Portugal at: https://eurotux.com




The next day I purchased the tickets, when I noticed the Blueticket site didn't work I made an official complaint to the EU Online Dispute Resolution. They notified me saying that the seler of the tickets refused to cancel the purchase. And in the EU site they said I could contact a lawyer and they sent me a list of many lawyers from different countries of the European Union. I contacted the Portuguese lawyer. I received a reply from Dr. Inês Madaleno with two Portuguese Government agencies that I could contact.

One is:

CACCL-Centro de Artbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo



I contacted this center and I received no reply.

The other one is:

European Consumer Centre-Portugal



From this one I did receive a reply, but it was just saying that this agency did only take care of problems between different EU states. If it was in our own EU contry, they could do nothing.


domingo, 31 de dezembro de 2017

Chinese Tsingtao beer

Hi. Here in Lisbon (and I suppose all over the world) there is for sale in the Chinese restaurants Tsingtao Chinese beer. Here it costs about 2,50€ a bottle. But it's just a really great beer. Thanks :)

domingo, 24 de dezembro de 2017

Chicken soup

Hi. We got here in Portugal a soup that we call here "canja", and there is no exact translation for english. It's just a portuguese word. It's just a chicken soup. You boil the chicken really well in much water, and you also put in a peeled oignon that is boiled at the same time that the chicken; and then you remove the boiled chicken. With a dowel. Then in the water that was used to boil the chicken, that you don't throw away, you put in a container (maybe plastic), you boil rice. The chicken has to be boiled in like a lot of water, so when the chicken is already boiled, the water that remains, that was the water used to boil the chicken, is enough to make a soup. In that water you boil maybe 1/2kg of rice. You put some salt. And after maybe 10 minutes, the time it takes so that the rice is properly boiled, the soup is ready. It's a really nice soup. Very old recipe. It also can be done instead of chicken, with duck or turkey. In the plates where you put the soup, you can put little pieces of the boiled chicken. Thanks

Belem Cakes

Hi. There is something here in Portugal, and especially in Lisbon that is called "Belem cakes". In english it is called "custard tarts". It is sold regularelly here in Lisbon, and I suppose all over the country, since it is a traditional cake, from long ago. It is said that it has a secret, and that only in Belem, in a store called "Pasteis de Belem", I think, a place in Lisbon, near the river, they know the special secret to make the authentic "Belem Cake". Now, here is a recipe of these cakes I found on the internet, from the Lisbon City Hall. The exact translation of the name of these cakes from Portuguese to English is "Cream Cakes", like with the milk cream, which is sold in packages and is used to make chantilly cream. So, I noticed on this recipe that is in the link, from the Lisbon City Hall, that it really has cream (in the recipe). But, I also noticed that it has water. So, if you make this recipe with all cream, also instead of any water (or milk), it will become just like the real "Belem Cakes" from the only store in Lisbon (that I know of) that has the supposed secret to make these cakes in a very special way. You can use Bio ingredients, like eggs, maybe milk if you appreciate it (instead of water), cream, and flour, all Bio. After being cooked, it's great with cinnamon on top, and maybe powdered sugar :)
Thanks so much. Here is the link to the recipe of the cakes from the Lisbon City Hall:

Blue Flag :)

quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2017

Just a way of living


There are many ways of living. Also many ways of life. I could say life is an art. I could say life is even also destruction. Not always just all so very good. I think so. Really. So, there is the matter of balance in our lives. A sort of sense, or feeling, of opposites. Like a boy and a girl. Like day and night. Like the colors. We love money. Shouldn't we?.. There's an old saying here in Portugal that says that money can't bring you happiness. Happiness is fine. A way to be happy. A way to be healthy. A way to make others happy too. A way to make others healthy too. Medicine, like the medicine man, or a Shaman or so. Polution and stress can be a sort of a problem. We should sleep well, enough, or otherwise... A person, like myself, can have consciousness. Life is kind of in a way consciousness. We talk. We do things. We act a lot. Like really making kung-fu, or class, or so. Our body is something that to us is very precious. Like when we try to take attention ourselves to our own health. No one likes to be sick. Inteligence. The ability to kind of produce products that are in a way interesting to others. Or may be. We really did need education. But not thought control. Quoting Pink Floyd in the album "The Wall". Drugs are a real problem. But anyway, life is nature. Life is trees and the sea and sunshine and rainbows. Life is many things. Life is love. Life is having a child, why not?.. I feel great. How life smiles at you, sometimes. History will tell. We always are remembered. We always need love.

Thanks :)

terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017