quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2016

Tears of sadness

Hi. New story, like me. There's a tear in my heart. Long ago, I was hurt, in my body. I felt pain. I cried, maybe. Nobody really hurt me. But I was just injured, in my flesh. Like the sting of an injection, but a million times more.
Another time, I felt God and my Goddess. I dreamed their dream. I seen their body. I saw space, and the stars, and the atoms, and the dragon and phoenix. I caught fire, in my own sense of human spontaneous combustion. I knew I could be true. I was (and will be again someday) so much happy. I knew I would never ever forget some things. I was high, on acid, on LSD. A real long time ago.
Why am I sad?.. So sad sometimes?.. Why is my body so stressed sometimes?.. Pills are great, but... I think that if we need (some) help, we should look for someone who could help us. Maybe a doctor, maybe even in a hospital.
See, what's in my heart?.. A tear?.. Who's tear?.. Jade's?.. Lilly's?.. Sushi's?.. Mom's?..
Heart, body, love, the stars, space, maybe gravity,  warmth, fresh air, beauty, pleasure maybe, we have feelings, we have emotions, we have great many things, and so much naturally, we have weed, and all that stuff. I can with truth say it's even chocolate, coffee, tobacco, tea(s), and some things like that are illegal, people get arrested, bugged, annoyed, stressed, schizophrenic (pretty sure). Diabetic?.. Cause(not just weed)are illegal, or we do not have the awareness to make it with that things?.. Not just weed?.. Is it that happiness is illegal?..
See, it's my tear. It's my fears. It's my friends. It's my war. It's my love. It's my money!.. he he...
I guess I shall always be a man. A good man I hope. Don't try to change me... he he he...
World Wide Web
World Wide Wall
World Wide Will
World Wide War
World Wide Whales
I hear...
Thanks World Wide World , thanks anyone O:)

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