terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

Creation Vs. Destruction

In nature, there are cycles. Cycles in time, and cycles in space, or matter. Everything kind of recycles itself. Sometimes it's a cycle of creation, other times it's a cycle of destruction. People have emotions. Like all living beings, being them insects or vegetable. Or reptiles or mammals. Emotions make you happy, emotions make you unhappy. You feel pleased or you feel unpleased. All things don't go to the way you would like better. Sometimes. A kind of frustration. We all were children some time ago. Maybe a long time ago. We all been through the kindergarden, the school, the high-school, the college and so. Maybe we all did kind of stupid things, without really thinking.
Destruction is a part of life. Like creation itself. We don't just need to be thorn too much. Pain is a part of life. Like pleasure. Balance is possible, I believe, and it's real. If we need more balance in our lives, maybe it's worth thinking about it. Physical, psychological or emotional.
Religion. Religion is (I believe) about something like saving the soul. Or life after death, salvation. There are many religions in our civilization, some older, some newer. Religion isn't something that we can be imposed to. It's a choice we make. It's a search, with many findings. It's a way that we find. Maybe it's love. Maybe it's freedom. Maybe it's health.
Thanks. Be back soon :)

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